Quantum Solutions

Environmental Benefits

  1. Clean Air! SHVtm Technology is ultra-low emissions technology.
  2. Carbon foot-print reduces to carbon-fingerprint.
  3. Sustainable technology.
  4. High MPG.
  5. Does not pollute streams, rivers, aquifers.
  6. Low thermal signature, low acoustic signature.
  7. Less recycling and waste. Infrequent oil changes. SHVtm does not have spark plugs, muffler, or catalytic converter. Hence, these will not be going into landfills.

Benefits to the community

  1. Cleaner air and water. Green technology that actually works!
  2. Energy security. Natural gas, oil, as well as gasoline can be utilized to produce electricity cleanly and without a working grid if need be.
  3. Reduces dependence on nuclear, coal-fired, hydro, and large power generating plants.
  4. Greater food security. Quantum IDC SHV technology can be used in agriculture to reduce farm production costs – irrigation pumps, off-grid electrical needs, farm machinery, etc.   Dairy farms could be the biggest beneficiary as they are equipment intensive.
  5. Benefits retirees and fixed income individuals by reducing energy costs related to utilities, food, transportation, and just about everything else.
  6. SHV technology multi-fuel systems are ideal for remote locations or when infrastructure is compromised.
  7. Skilled employment opportunities. The introduction of SHV technology will revitalize existing industrial and auto plants, while producing products that can successfully compete in the global market place.
Community benefits

Virtually Limitless Potential!

QUANTUM IDC’s SHVTM technology is not a single use technology and it does not achieve one thing at the expense of another!
It is versatile, virtually pollution free and efficient and could improve the living conditions in EVERY country of the world in multiple ways!

Wide-ranging applications. Practically ANYTHING that has an engine can use the SHVTM technology! Freight transport, trucks, buses, trams, trains, military, marine, generators, and aviation.

Trucking Transportation Industries


  • 90%+ emissions free, ultra-high MPG and extended range. A pathway to meeting EPA CAFE standards.
  • SHVTM is a “multi-fuel” engine and can utilize a variety of fuels such as  CNG LPG, E-85, Gasoline, Diesel.
  • Can be manufactured to adapt to a variety of applications.
  • Waste heat converted to electricity by employing the Seebeck Effect.
  • Minimal acoustic signature, minimal thermal signature.
  • No catalytic converter or muffler required.
  • Can be used in underground spaces because of CLEAN burn.
  • High reliability at lower cost.
  • Easier to maintain because of 50% fewer working parts.

Oil & Gas Producers

NO MAJOR CHANGES NEEDED to produce exotic fuels.

  • Current fueling infrastructure is more than adequate for SHVTM Technology.
  • Ultra-low emissions now possible at well-head sites.
  • Economy of operating costs, as SHVTM can be powered by well-head liquid and gaseous by-products.
  • Satisfies new marine regulations.
  • Multi-fuel capability.
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