The Quantum team has more than 170 years of combined business, scientific and engineering experience, including Stirling engine mechanical engineering, physics, and electronic control systems.

Management Team

Mr. J. Harold Idell,
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Idell is a highly educated and skilled automotive engineer and a leader specializing in performance standards and maintenance of all classes of vehicles. Mr. Idell is recognized nationally and internationally for implementing innovative transportation solutions.  Mr. Idell has two engineering degrees and an MBA; he has over 35 years of engineering experience in fleet management and engine design in both the private sector and the Department of Defense. While employed by Federal Express, as the Managing Director of Global Transportation, he coordinated numerous advancements including the establishment of a fleet-wide alternative fuels program, a hybrid vehicle program and the introduction of all-electric vehicles.  He was the program coordinator for the US Govt. 1992-94 CLEANFLEET Alternative Fuels testing program.

While with Ford Motor Company, as the Senior Product Design Engineer, Mr. Idell was involved with the design and testing of Ford’s Stirling Engine Automotive Project. Mr. Idell has prepared vehicle technical specifications and designed unique vehicle  modifications for the time-sensitive air freight business. He has coordinated and directed the procurement and production of over 100,000 fleet vehicles. Additionally, Mr. Idell has developed reliability and cost studies on a corporate scale, and established new methods to reduce maintenance costs for operations on a global scale.  He has worked with the Federal EPA, CA, CARB, and 5 Alternative Fuel suppliers

Mr. Idell served in the U.S. Army and was Honorably Discharged with the rank of Captain.  He is currently serving as President of  the Sedona, Arizona Airport Board.

Mr. Josh (Mac) McDowell,
Chief Technology Officer

Mr. McDowell is the author of the SHVtm Technology patent.  Before conceiving of the SHVtm Technology, Mr. McDowell had a long career with the federal government as a scientist.

After receiving his B.S. in Geology, Mr. McDowell became involved in many facets of the environmental sciences.  These environmental disciplines included seismology and oceanography at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii, polar oceanography at the National Ice Center in Washington, DC, and while serving as the Scientific Support Officer at the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida, meteorology.  While in the U.S. Navy, Mr. McDowell served in Operation Deep Freeze in Antarctica collecting, processing, and analyzing satellite and surface data for climate and meteorological studies.

Mr. McDowell also worked as a Future Technology Analyst for the U.S. Air Force.  This work included the use of technical skills developed as a commissioned officer serving in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Corps, as well as skills developed performing meteorological and oceanographic work.  His ability to take technical information and accurately explain the scope of a project in detail, in layman’s terms, proved invaluable to the success of many projects.

Mr. McDowell first became acquainted with Stirling engines while working as a member of the Community Outreach team at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi as part of the Pollution Prevention Partnership. His study of the Stirling Cycle took him to Sandia National Laboratory to examine the state of the art.

As a freelance writer Mr. McDowell has written newsletters, magazine and newspaper articles, and broadcast scripts covering a variety of topics ranging from science to adventure.

Mr. William C. Jones, V,
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Jones’ nine year career in the upstream Oil and Gas sector has given him experience in fundraising, contract negotiation, and direct marketing; and his experience as an entrepreneur has shown him how to track and stretch every dollar.  Mr. Jones brings a people-oriented problem solving mindset to his business as well as his personal interests in various technologies such as cryptocurrencies, and the future of the energy industry.  Through his early career as an oil and gas landman and entrepreneur, Mr. Jones developed the business skills needed to establish a successful mineral acquisition company in 2014.  He joined the mineral and royalty acquisition company Tower Rock Oil and Gas in 2016, where he still acts as Land and Acquisition Manager.  Mr. Jones holds a degree from the University of Mississippi in marketing with a minor in Economics.

Major General J. R. Kinsey,
Chief Operating Officer

General Kinsey served as the Commanding General of the Air Component Command of the Texas State Guard. During his military career he managed budgets of hundreds of millions of dollars. Serving as a base commander, General Kinsey successfully provided security and support for the personnel and aircraft during the tense and anxious weeks following the 911 attacks.

General Kinsey currently serves as a Senior Advisor to the Commanding General of the Texas State Guard. In this capacity, he is responsible for maintaining preparedness to provide highly trained Airmen for defense support of civil authorities in response and recovery operations to emergencies and disaster scenarios in the state of Texas as directed by the Governor and the Adjutant General. His duties with the Texas State Guard are part-time allowing him to dedicate his full attention to the needs of the Company.

Mr. R. Michael Tacquard,
Chief Security Officer

Mr. Tacquard served four combat tours in the Middle East as a U.S. Air Force Chief Masters Sergeant and received the Bronze Star for his combat service in the Middle East.  Mr. Tacquard’s civilian career is equally impressive as a Texas Law Enforcement Officer with the Department of Public Safety.  During his 26-year law enforcement career he attained the rank of Police Captain and ran the Police Dive Team and Sniper Team.  He has developed and managed multi-million budgets and developed and implemented state-wide fleet vehicle operations and maintenance standards.  Upon his retirement from DPS, Mr. Tacquard received a Special Texas Ranger Commission.  His degrees include a BA in Criminal Justice and an MA in both Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Dean M.K. Balasubramanya
Texas A&M – San Antonio

Principal Investigator on the SHV project. Dr. Balasubramanya holds a PhD. in Physics from Iowa State University. He currently serves as the Dean for the College of Arts and Science, Texas A& University – San Antonio. Dr. Balasubramanya is a quantum physicist whose expertise is in the field of theoretical and computational physics. He is the supervisor of Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi’s national Science Foundation funded High Performance Computational Development Center that facilitates scientific computations on a Beowulf cluster.

Ms. Candice M. Haddock

Business owner/contractor. For over 29 years designed and built  luxury residential construction specializing in non-toxic materials. Director of Research & Marketing 4 years (Athens, Greece) for commercial projects in Eastern Mediterranean using wind, solar and other energy technologies.  Started career as high school English and Art instructor.  Holds ME and BS in Art and English and General Contractor’s License.  Multiple community charitable activities, art education advocate, successfully lobbied and caused to be implemented  in Plano, TX schools  Art Education programs with support of John Paul Getty Foundation.


Mr. Justin Schumaker

Mr. Schumaker is an engineer with the Army Research Lab in Aberdeen, MD.  He leads the vehicle technology development team and is an expert in the field of wireless energy transfer and thermodynamics.  Mr. Schumaker will be assisting with the development and testing of the various components essential to SHVtm Technology and will oversee the fabrication of the TETRA engine.


Mr. Richard K. Shaltens, NASA (RET)

Mr. Shaltens led the Advanced Stirling Technology Development at NASA Glenn Research at NASA Glenn Research Center. He was also the team leader on NASA/MTI’s Stirling Automotive Development Project.

Dr. John Corey, P.E.

Dr. Corey was MTI’s Program Manager of Engine Development for the Stirling Automotive Development Project. He was also the Manager of the Automotive Stirling Engine demonstration program in cooperation with the USAF, U.S. Postal Service and the John Deere Company.  He is the designer of the MOD II Stirling Automotive Engine and is considered a major authority on this topic throughout the industry.

Mr. Arthur C. Donahue

Mr. Donahue was the Senior Stirling Engine Electronic Control System Designer for MTI.  Mr. Donahue also served in the U.S. Air Force as a ballistic missile technician. Mr. Donahue has also designed medical device electronic control systems.

Mr. John Van Heertum

Mr. Van Heertum was the Senior Stirling Engine Mechanical Systems Designer at MTI.  He also served in the U.S. Air Force as a Weapons Specialist on the F-4 Phantom fighter jet. Mr. Van Heertum retired from his position as the Senior Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technical Designer for Plug Power on their aviation tractor project.