How does this technology spread into the industrial landscape and also make a profit?

Quantum IDC technology will be licensed for use to appropriate entities involved in automotive, transportation, freight, marine, stationary & mobile devices (generators). Our CEO, through his lengthy career, has extensive contacts in these industries throughout the world. Also, military suppliers will be key purchasers of Quantum IDC technology because, in addition to the high fuel efficiency, the SHVTM is a Multi-fuel design and can accept diesel, natural gas, or gasoline without re-configuration. It is not dependent upon the Grid, nor does it require any changes to current fuel infrastructure. And it provides GREEN Solutions for Oil & Gas operations, both on and off shore.

Over 90% of R&D has already been paid for by our Government in the development of the NASA Stirling heat engine which Quantum IDC is utilizing. This totals to over $100 Million (in today’s dollars) and is in the “intellectual property” bank. New investors coming into the project at this point are recipients of this prior investment.

Quantum IDC is at the APPLICATION phase of DEVELOPED and PROVEN GREEN technology.

The Bass Diffusion Model, developed in 1969 as a market penetration forecasting  model for innovative technology, has proven correct time and time again. Using this model, the anticipated forecast of market penetration for SHV™ Technology will likely be adapted more quickly than current hybrid designs due the fact that the pay back to consumers in fuel savings is dramatic.


Four Wheel Drive


Variable Valve Train


Fuel Injection


Multi Valve Engine

There Are Multiple Ways To Participate. Some May Be Tax Deductible.


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